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Yoga is a Way to Live

Post Date : 2019-11-30    Posted By : VYA    Category : Health

Gone are the days When yoga was practiced by few people who had an Intention To be enlightened,although People Still Know that yoga means union, union between individual and supreme soul, called atman and parmatman , the meaning of the word yoga can not be changed but surely can be interpreted in different ways therefore many people may say its union between prana and asana, solar and lunar power and so on.

Even after knowing such deep meaning of the word yoga people are very much striving to practice it having their own objectives behind, as yoga provides several practices which includes social conduct, exercises, cleansing, mindfulness etc. Having such a big picture of yoga in mind people may have not gotten into it rather thinking of their personal goals to achieve that may be getting strong, flexible, aware , healthy etc.

Many people would want to give up what they do for a living and practice yoga and later it becomes their work as to share it with others therefore many people falling in other categories either don’t want to practice it at all or they too want to give up all their work and get into yoga “sector” , considering yoga as a job and practice not to improve themselves but to help others.

Yoga is not something which is a side work or business where you have to come with the determination of being a instructor or teacherin future but it’s also about just making it a part of our lives which can help us get better at whatever we doand it’s not just about the job or work but anything that we perform in daily lives .

Let’s take a look at the meaning of yoga in a different way so we all can make it a part of our lives to live it in the best way,

As we discussed above the word Yoga means union between this very moment and awareness involvement, whatever we may consider doing if we make sure to pay attention and be involved which will make the performance and the performer refined, it is important to signify the basic actions that we perform to live our lives , we many times think that yoga is like getting into some impossible posture which can not be imitated by others which is very uneducated way to consider it.

Essentially we must take a look at what we do in our daily lives even a simple thing walking , drinking eating which are the most significant tasks we must be paying whole lot of attention , That is how we can live in the moment and enjoy the performance instead of thinking about past and future which are nothing but memory that we gather and imagination respectively which must be used to live well rather than suffering from these wonderful qualities of being human.

Yoga is about living not about doing anything it is a state of the mind where you are compassionate and involved, involvement and attention will bring sharpness ,kindness, patience, joy and eventually a deserving result which needs not to be expected but will be the consequence of our performance which will surely bring satisfaction to the doer.

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