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Yoga practise and your knee

Post Date : 2019-12-01    Posted By : VYA    Category : Health

When we think about the knee joint, this is the joint where we come across the most issues in our lifetime. Bones in a knee joint
• Femur
• Tibia
• Fibula
• Patella
The issues are majorly found in the ligaments here.In the sports, there are dynamic movements that result in uneven pressure inside the knee and dew to this, it results in different issues and that's why person playing any sport will come across knee injuries. ACL injuries are very common in the knee. In the severe cases, the person has to go through surgeries.
Another example can be of a basketball player. In this sport, the person twists jumps and performs dynamic movements and dew to this, the pain usually is inside or the outside of the knee.
When we talk about Yoga, the movements that we are performing are less dynamic and more static and dew to this, the chances of injuries are minimum.
In yoga, we talk about awareness and listening to your body so if you are not comfortable in performing some movements, you can modify it according to you. The issues may occur if one doesn’t't know how to move or from where the movement should be done. I always say that first see what the requirements of the posture are and then see from where the movements should be done. But dew to ego, the person forces the body to do some uneven movements and hence the injury.
Let's take some examples-
Utkatasana (Chair pose) - the common mistake in this posture is that people take their knee beyond the big toe line. This in result puts
The pressure to the front of the knee part and less tension on muscles. If you want to be relaxed with the knee, take your knee slightly
in and make sure you don't cross the big toe. The difference will be, more muscle engagement and less pressure in the knee. In this
Condition, people usually start shaking because the muscles are weak and not supportive but that's a good sign and this is a good way
To work with the muscles strengthening and relaxing knee joint.
Virabhadrasana II (Warrior Il) - In this pose, there is a common mistake that a person drops the knee towards inside but one should be focusing on keeping the knee in line with the ankle instead of misaligning it the two joints. When the knee is aligned with the ankle, it is relaxed and the muscle engagement is proper.
Janu Sirsasana (Head to knee pose) - As the name says, Janu means knee so the asana is designed in a way that it will provide good knee mobility but usually people start pushing their knees towards the ground while performing the asana that leads to the injuries. The knees should be supported if it's away from the ground.
If you want your knee joint health and to achieve good mobility, it is vital to work with awareness and with the alignment. Yoga greatly help the person to be healthy and live a balanced life.

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